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Shaft with cable gland

shaft core

At both ends of the shaft core different shaft couplings can be pressed or soldered, e.g.:

  • keyway
  • toothing
  • cross hole for spring dowel sleeve
  • thread
  • inner or outer hexagon
  • inner or outer square
  • ...

protective tube

Different couplings can be pressed onto the protective tube..

At the right side seen in the picture a coupling with a drag spring is shown. As counterpart a tube with cross hole can be used. The drag spring locks into the cross hole. The shaft can be dismounted quick and easy when necessary.

A swivel nut (left side in picture) is used for simple fastening. Depending on design type this variant can be protected against splash by means of a sealing ring.

The cable gland is used to securely guide the flexible shaft though a cover or casing.