Medical engineering & foodstuffs

Flexibles endoskopisches Greifwerkzeug Especially in the field of medical engineering, the flexible shaft plays an important role in the implementation of technical requirements. In surgery, gastroscopy, traumatology and laparoscopy, as well as in endoscopy, devices are used whose design can only be realised thanks to flexible shafts. These include flexible intramedullary reamers, flexible screw drivers, flexible drills and milling cutters, biopsy forceps, endoscopes and ancillary endoscopic equipment. With our flexible shafts, we have been at home in the world of medical engineering for over 20 years.

As advancements are made in the field of minimally invasive surgery, flexible shafts are playing an increasingly important role. They can be used to transmit movements and forces reliably, even via complex pathways. In addition, our hollow shafts allow surgeons to feed electrical current or laser light directly to the site of the operation using cables or optical fibres passed through the shaft.

Our products are, of course, suitable for the usual sterilisation procedures. Furthermore, we only allow selected suppliers, specially approved for this sector, to supply us with products for this field of use. If the customer wishes, all working steps are carefully documented and additional intermediate tests are performed. These tests are then recorded in a detailed testing log.

Other fields of application
Motorised systems used in dental technology and various fields of surgery would also be inconceivable without flexible shafts.
Pumpe für Medizinprodukte, ViscoTec Pumpen- und Dosiertechnik GmbH, Töging (D)
They are also used in the drive systems of pumps for viscous products that must be pumped under especially gentle conditions and that cannot tolerate even the slightest contamination. For example, products of this kind can be found in the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries: tomato purée, instant soups, processed cheese, ice cream, mayonnaise, oils, curd cheese, honey, peanut paste, mustard, chocolate, animal food, yeast, cosmetics, petroleum jelly, ointments or dental products.

Furthermore, we supply complete drive shafts for hand-operated equipment used in the foodstuffs and gastronomy sector. Examples include butchery machines or knives for cutting doner kebabs. All components of the flexible shaft are made of materials approved for contact with foodstuffs. Even the grease used to lubricate the shaft core is food-safe.