Horticulture & agriculture

P-410-470-540-590-ZBIAX flexible shafts are found in various applications in domestic gardening machinery, as well as in professional machinery for the horticultural and agricultural sectors.

One particularly well-known and important area of use for flexible shafts are machines with a motorised drive worn on the user’s back. The motor output is transmitted to the attachment via a particularly robust flexible shaft. The tools used include hedge trimmers, pruning saws, mowing heads with nylon filaments, or even strimmers (also known as string trimmers or weed eaters).

In this area, the key strengths demanded of flexible shafts include a high level of flexibility, a low level of vibration even under load, long maintenance intervals, and durability even under the tough working conditions of daily professional use.

Other fields of application
In terms of special applications, one example is their use in vibrating apparatus for the gentle but effective harvesting of almonds, olives and coffee. In addition, flexible shafts are used in the central height adjustment of lawn mowers and as drive shafts in agricultural machinery.