Aircraft construction

Reliability, safety and weight are of the utmost importance in aviation and space travel. This is another area in which we supply the flexible shafts needed for propulsion, configuration and control. We have more than 40 years of experience in aircraft construction, which acts as a guarantor of our success.

As well as being flexible and very light, BIAX flexible shafts are manufactured from rust- and acid-resistant materials as well as special surface-coated materials for applications in aircraft construction. Only selected suppliers that are specially approved for this sector are authorised to supply us with products for this field of use.

Of course, where parts potentially have an effect on safety, all working steps are carefully documented and additional intermediate tests are performed. The customer receives a detailed testing log for each shaft. The serial number assigned to each shaft can be used to track all the details of production and the raw materials used, even decades later.

Other fields of application
Areas where flexible shafts are used in aircraft construction include the adjustment of flaps, elevators, rudders and ailerons, the drives for windscreen wipers, and the individual adjustment of pedals. Flexible shafts are also used as a feedback system for motorised adjustments or as a backup system for other actuation mechanisms.