Mechanical engineering & tools

BIAX-flexible-shaft Especially in plant, mechanical and special-purpose mechanical engineering, there is huge demand for special solutions. Be it for control, regulation, switching, travel, rotation or propulsion – with the flexible shaft from BIAX, these challenges are easily overcome. The versatility of the flexible shaft means that no machine’s form, size or field of application represents an insurmountable hurdle, as we dimension the shaft according to the special application.

Flexible shafts transmit movements and forces reliably and precisely even via complicated paths. They often provide a simpler and cheaper alternative to complicated, high-maintenance and fault-prone designs consisting of rigid shafts and gears or elaborate, expensive systems involving servomotors. Our flexible shafts are durable and resistant to vibration, dirt and environmental influences – in many cases, no maintenance work is required.

Other fields of application
Flexible shafts can be used both for opening a ship’s hatch and in precision equipment for machining valuable materials in the jewellery-, watch-, clock- and glass-making industries.BIAX-tools

Various machines for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts represent another main area of use. Flexible shafts are preferred in such equipment because of the easy operation and working precision they provide in a wide range of processes such as grinding, drilling and polishing. Tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts attach particular value to quality, simple operation and maximum safety. At the same time, flexible shafts offer a long service life and are almost maintenance-free.

In addition, our customers use flexible shaft cores to manufacture classic tools such as flexible screw drivers, flexible socket spanners and flexible extensions.